Upcoming Speakers and Special Events

2013 Nationals ParkPurpose: To provide insight into various aspects of the process of living with and managing heart disease to members and guests who attend our support group meetings.

How: Our Program Chair makes arrangements for qualified speakers to address the attendees on a specific topic related to heart disease. For example, recent speakers have helped our group better understand, cardiac rehab, advances in cardiology, heart healthy nutrition, and sleep apnea.

When: Chapter policy is to have at least three speakers per year. Dates when the support group meeting will involve a speaker, as the topic being presented, are posted below. Speakers are asked to complete their presentation, including questions and discussion in approximately 30 minutes. This leaves the rest of the time for sharing experiences during the rest of the support group meeting.

How you can help: If you have a suggestion of someone who would be an appropriate speaker, Contact our program chair, Michael Kolansky at mskolan@hotmail.com, or call him at 703-266-7703.