We Help Heart Patients and Their Families


At the time you are about to go into or are in the hospital for heart surgery we:

  • Provide a preoperative visit with you, the patient
  • Provide a preoperative visit with your family or caregiver
  • Make available hospital approved materials regarding ongoing heart health
  • Discuss in-patient and out-patient cardiac rehabilitation
  • Our volunteers are available to just listen to your concerns

KS97347After you leave the hospital our chapter and the national Mended Hearts organization offers:

  • A HeartGuide¬†packet of important heart health and materials directly related to Chapter 200 functions
  • A follow up telephone call to encourage you during your recovery
  • An invitation to attend a monthly Support Group Meeting
  • An opportunity to attend ongoing Support Group Meetings, held on the first Saturday of every month. Meetings are scheduled should a holiday fall on a first Saturday.
  • Mended Hearts membership is not required for you or a caregiver to attend a Support Group Meeting.
  • No one from Mended Hearts will make a financial solicitation request of a patient or their family
  • Mended Hearts is non-denominational and follows strict federally mandated privacy guidelines