Our Chapter Heart Pillow Program

The chapter’s hand made heart shaped pillows…they are not decorative, or symbolic…they are therapeutic!

  1. Pillows help make recovering easier
  2. HeHeart pillowlp reduce the pain when coughing, which you need to do
  3. Pillows are provided at no cost to patients
  4. All pillows are made from hypo-allergenic materials donated or bought with donated funds
  5. Various community minded organizations, churches and scouting groups have helped our Chapter provide hope, comfort and consolation to over 25,000 surgical patients since our Chapter’s founding.
  6. Many people keep their Mended Hearts heart shaped pillows for years as they become symbols of recovery

It takes many volunteers to get materials, stuffing, sew and stuff the pillows, move them to storage, move them from storage to the visitors who deliver them to patients.Should your group or organization be interested in “Pillow Making” as a project, please contact our Pillow Program Chair, Ralph Koontz, you may email Ralph at rgkoontz@gmail.com